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RAIJINTEK's GPU water block, GWB-C1, made of full copper material which was melted by alloying brazing (different from competitors water block locked by screw and plastic rings). With adapting 3D micro-fin structure and alloying brazing, GWB-C1 provides outstanding heat transfer efficiency and enhances thermal performance. Not only whole product is made of full copper, but the high quality polished mirror base ensures excellent surface contact with the heat source. GWB-C1 is high compatible installation for nVIDIA & AMD modern GPU. User friendly installation, outstanding thermal performance, high compatibility with modern GPU, a unique design and nickel-plated, GWB-C1 is your best partner and solution for water cooling.
  • Easy installation and highly compatible with nVIDIA & AMD modern GPU
  • 3D micro-structure flow tunnel inside
  • Full copper material melted by alloying brazing
  • Nickel-plated & mirror polishing treatment
  • Best Cost-performance value of PC cooling
  • Operating steady & silent
  • 1/4" thread able to upgrade water cooling system easily connected to all components
  • Polished mirror base to ensure excellent surface contact with heat source and enhances heat transfer efficiency
  • User friendly installation
Product Name GWB-C1
Product Number 0R400019
Dimension [W×D×H] 69×69×20.2 mm
Screw Threads G 1/4"
Weight 187.9g [without clips]
Material Copper
AMD®Radeon RX480, R9-290, R9-280x, R9-270x, R9-270, R7-260, R7-250, R7-240, 5450, 7750, 7770, 7790
nVIDIA GF210, GT610, GT620, GT630, GT640, GTX650, GTX660, GTX670, GTX690, GTX760, GTX770, GTX780, GTX TITAN
  • GWB-C1 Installation Guide  [ 9.53 MB ]
    This version includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.

GPU Water Block × 1

Metal Nut × 4

Metal Nut × 4

Double-headed Screws × 4

Wrench × 1

Rubber Pad × 2

Plastic myla × 8

Plastic brush × 1

Thermal Grease × 1

Installation Guide × 1

Package × 1