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RAIJINTEK first LED/RGB fan, AURAS 12 fan series, is a 12025 mm O-type LED fan and RGB type is 256 multi-colors. On controller box (RGB type), users can easily adjust fan speed as well as fan colors by clicking “MODE”, “LOCK”, and “SPEED” button. Anti-vibration rubber pads are used in all four corners to minimize movement and noise. The optimized fan blade and housing design provides outstanding air flow, enhances static pressure and cooling performance. O-type LED ring brings visible color and brightness uniformity from all directions and adds spot light to the chassis.
  • O-type LED brings visible color & brightness uniformity from all direction
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads in all four corners to minimize movement and noise
  • Specific housing design to provide max. static pressure
  • Optimized fan blade design to provide outstanding air flow
  • 256 multi-color (AURAS 12 RGB & RGB-3)
  • Controller box
Product Name AURAS 12 RGB AURAS 12 RGB - 3
Product Number 0R400037 0R400038
Dimension [W×H×D] 120×120×25 mm 120×120×25 mm
Voltage Rating 12V 12V
Starting Voltage 6 V 6 V
Speed 1200 R.P.M. 1200 R.P.M.
Bearing Type Hydraulic Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Air Flow 39.8 CFM [Max.] 39.8 CFM [Max.]
Air Pressure 0.61 mmH2O [Max.] 0.61 mmH2O [Max.]
Life Expectance 40,000 hrs 40,000 hrs
Noise Level 24.8 dBA [Max.] 24.8 dBA [Max.]
Connector 6 pin 6 pin
Weight 330g 465g
  • Controller function
  • 1.Once plug in, it will run 256 multi-colors, 50 seconds/circle
    2.Click button “MODE” each time, the color will change to Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Purple, Bluegreen, Orange at time by time; each color on high brightness.
    3.10th clicking on button MODE, it will take 9 colors turns into breathing status. Each color breathing will remain 2 times, and each time is 2 second. Then, it turns to next color breathing.
    4.11th clicking on button MODE, it is the “LED turn off” function.
    5.12th clicking button MODE, it will go back to “256 multi-colors”
    6.While on 256 multi-colors, the button “LOCK” can work. Clicking button “LOCK” can keep the color while it turns. Click LOCK button again, it will go back to 256 multi-colors running.
    7.While on color breathing, clicking button “LOCK” can keep the color on breathing.
    8.On button “SPEED”: it controls Fan speed RPM from high RPM to Low RPM.

12025 Fan × 2

Controller × 1

Screw × 8 [AURAS 12 RGB]
Screw × 12 [AURAS 12 RGB - 3]

Package × 1